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…”in the same way, sun drapes a buttered scarf across your face, rose opens herself to your glance, and rain shares its divine melancholy. The whole world keeps whispering or shouting to you, nibbling your ear like a neglected lover,…” … Continue reading

Metta Series – Artist Statement

Metta: A word in the Pali language meaning loving-kindness, benevolence, non-violence. It is a bone-deep acknowledgement of connection between all things. Metta sees into the nature of things; anger and fear are the opposite of Metta. This series of Metta … Continue reading


What’s a Giclee Print? My prints are all high-resolution prints with archival (long-lasting) inks on textured watercolor archival paper. The prints are PH-neutral, OBA-free, thick, gorgeous 400 gsm medium paper. All current purchasable prints are numbered. Each print will be … Continue reading

Larger, more powerful!

ABOUT THE ARTIST Shali Sanders, gifted through the fanfare of generational genius-genes, presents this series of paintings titled THE GLANCE OF MERCY These striking pieces of artwork, with their lustrous, saturated and radiant colors are stretched on glossy canvas in … Continue reading