Metta Series – Artist Statement

Metta: A word in the Pali language meaning loving-kindness, benevolence, non-violence.

It is a bone-deep acknowledgement of connection between all things. Metta sees into the nature of things; anger and fear are the opposite of Metta.

This series of Metta Paintings, which represent the Silent Sentinels, the Avatars of the Animal Kingdoms, is a tribute to the Metta in all Beings. They look back into you with a Glance of Mercy. They impart steady, clear wisdom in their essential animal-being. They are pure in strength and intention. They live as they are designed.

The masked images of my animal totems makes the invisible visible.

They wear the markings of Metta.

They are inspiration to all who look upon them, into them.

They are the painted Metta-fore for essence, power, compassion.

They are the Companion Guardians, realized through color and visualizations.

Welcome those who stand guard for you, who share their presence with you in your human life. You, who are most fortunate to come upon them.

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